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Airsoft World - MEGA DEAL - Swiss ArmsSAR10 CO2 gas VSR

Airsoft World - MEGA DEAL - Swiss ArmsSAR...

Swiss Arms Firepower SAR10 CO2 gas VSR - Black - Mega Bundle

A rather scary CO2 powered sniper rifle which we have adapted to fire within the UK 'legal' site limit for an airsoft bolt action rifle. On arrival, these rifles are firing at around 650FPS which is WAY above the UK site limit so we have customised them to fire as close to 450FPS as possible.


Urban Sniper action by RBAirsoft

Urban Sniper action by RBAirsoft

March 22nd 2015 at the Back Alley CQC

Using my LCT AS Val with PSO-1 scope, trying it out in CQC environment and it is useful there also. Got a lot of hits with it that day and a couple all the way at the other end of the site.

For me it was a comeback game after the winter when I was not able to do any airsofting, and it felt good to be back doing this. There will be more videos soon from ...

TAGinn smoke rounds and a "015 Project"

TAGinn smoke rounds and a "015 Proje...

The TAGinn company just showed what it have mastered for an upcoming season on an “IWA 2015” expo in Nuremberg 2 weeks ago.
There are few new products that has been spotted on their stand.

1. D-boys GP-25 VOG compatible launching device for TAGinn projectiles. The “VOG-Shell” ™ will let the owners of a cheapest GP-25 grenade launchers, to use a TAGinn projectiles. Powered by CO2 gas.

2. He...

TAC15 A Success!

TAC15 A Success!

Had a blast at the Toronto Airsoft Convention 2015 held at Siege Airsoft. Met lots of customers and fans, gave away some great prizes and demonstrated the M12 Sidewinder from Odin Innovations to everyone who came by.

The M12 was also a hit with several people offering to buy the prototype right then and there!

Restarting Airsoft Squared

Restarting Airsoft Squared

After 12 months without any real improvement, we are working on a new version of the website.

We'll focus on making Airsoft Squared more "connected" and "easier to use". We won't add more functionalities for the moment but we'll try to improve the user experience, strenghten the community and improve the news feed.

Don't hesitate to comment and tell us what you would like...

  • by rudy 2 weeks ago



This video talks about our EF next gen M4 CQB and CQCs. They both have a 60 day warranty and include 7 generations of changes/improvements.



[HOLOSUN][HS406A] Comp M2 Tube Red Dot Sight[2MOA]




Airsoft Megastore AK Gun Builder Update is Live!

Airsoft Megastore AK Gun Builder Update i...

It’s here! The Airsoft Megastore Gun Builder AK expansions is LIVE today! Take a closer look to see how you can build your own highly customized AK style AEG out of a mixture of barrel assemblies, dust covers, pistol grips, buttstocks, magazines, foregrips, optics and more through our intuitive and fun to use interface. Firing at field-legal velocities these guns are lightweight with high rates of...

Review: Viper Tactical Special Ops Gloves

Review: Viper Tactical Special Ops Gloves

Once more we have the support fron the Viper Tactical brand to bring you another review. Today, Airsoft Portugal brings you the Special Ops Gloves, one of the new items that are part of the latest range, which is the new bet from the brand. Most players know that a good pair of gloves is a key accessory of any kit, and at AP we decided to request these to test them.

Enola Gaye BTS - Bloopers for Merlinsblogspot

Enola Gaye BTS - Bloopers for Merlinsblog...

Sometimes it is dangerous work filming reviews for Merlin's Blogspot. This is a segment of the Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade review where we were filming during Mind Game Production ' s Amerika IV.


How to choose a first Airsoft Gun?

When choosing an Airsoft weapon, there are a few basics you should consider before making any purchases.

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