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Viral Warfare 2014

Viral Warfare 2014

In 2014 a mysterious virus began plaguing the population of Hollister, CA. The CDC quickly concluded that it was a new strain of Influenza and began quarantining the area, but this was no ordinary flu. Now it is up to you to fight your way into a secret military facility, retrieve and decipher intel on the virus’s origins and stop an evil warlord from killing everyone you know and love. Because wi...

Ever dreamt of Infra-red imagery in Airsoft?

Ever dreamt of Infra-red imagery in Airso...

Well now its possible, thanks to FLIR, your iPhone and Intelliscope:

SANDPOINT, Idaho, September 17, 2014 – Inteliscope LLC today announced it has become an authorized reseller for the FLIR ONE thermal imaging camera for iPhone with a specific emphasis in the shooting sports. FLIR ONE is available for immediate purchase on and at Inteliscope Authorized Retailers later in fall 2...

Photos from last years game...

Photos from last years game...

This year is sure to be just as spectacular with special effects, costumes, amazing objectives, and bonus games for those who are up for a challenge. Win prizes from our generous sponsorship package put together by Airsplat, as well as receive your very own player package containing your necessary items (syringes, lab coat, latex gloves, baggies, pill bottle, and much more...) to save yourself and...

Bar Fight at The Back Alley CQC - video by RBAirsoft

Bar Fight at The Back Alley CQC - video b...

This is from Bar Fight game mode at Jätkäsaari September 14th 2014. It was a very intense game with a very close fight for the win.

The rule of he game is that the attackers try to bring a "bomb" with timer to the Bar and keep it there until timer runs out and defenders try to keep it outside. Unlimited re-spawns.

If you like what you see, please subscribe, comment and like! This ...

Review: WE TT-33 Tokarev GBB Pistol

Review: WE TT-33 Tokarev GBB Pistol

Here is a review I really enjoyed doing since its a great looking gun with a very nice recoil:

One of the less discussed Airsoft event segment is the re-enactment game, where a group of players who share the interest of a particular war period get together and shoot each other with guns and gear used for that war period. This is probably a simplistic way to put it, and perhaps is not fair to th...

AirSplat Anniversary Birthday Bash Event!

AirSplat Anniversary Birthday Bash Event!

You are invited! Come join AirSplat for our Anniversary Birthday Bash on Saturday September 27th! We will be celebrating AirSplat's 15 years in business, 2 year store anniversary for Seattle, and 1 year anniversary for Los Angeles!

*SALE* Tactical SOG PAC Holster for P226 $42.49 shipped

*SALE* Tactical SOG PAC Holster for P226 ...

15% off Tactical SOG PAC Holster for P226:, $42.49 + free shipping

Constructed by high quality hard plastic, wearable and durable.
It has a small size and an high retention degree, which allow safety, convenience and speed to the shooter.
You can adjust the angle according to your preferences when you wear it ...

  • by Ging 3 days ago

Cheat or just lucky? - video by RBAirsoft

Cheat or just lucky? - video by RBAirsoft

This is a short video from a situation where I shoot at another player from a reasonably close range and he do not take a possible hit.

Mouth guards in Airsoft

Mouth guards in Airsoft

So are mouth guards any good for Airsoft??

I have been thinking about putting this to test as I wanted a type of protection that would make feel protected from ever breaking a tooth, but at the same time I didn’t want to use a half face mask of any sort as from my experience they either fog up your protection eye-wear or if you go with the mesh masks, it becomes less comfortable and easy to aim...

Guncam Scope Test Sample

Guncam Scope Test Sample

Here is a test of the GunCam Scope solution that I came up with for possible future recordings of Airsoft Gameplay. This idea will be tested further on other camera systems.

Please let me know what you think as this is supposed to emulate what it would look like if looking through a red dot sight.


How to choose a first Airsoft Gun?

When choosing an Airsoft weapon, there are a few basics you should consider before making any purchases.

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