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Category Field Equipments
Model Gr15 CQB
Brand G&G
Propulsion Electric
Country United States
Shoot modes Semi-auto Auto
Cost 300 USD
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Creation date March 12, 2018
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300 USD
Condition: Used
Shipping to: United States
Stock: x 1
Remaining time: 1 days

G&G GR15 CQB in great condition. Took great care of it. Usually went to an indoor range, only a couple of times, and the gun is not really dirty at all aside from the dust. The Electric Blowback (EBB) system is in good condition as well. I haven't been able to use it that much so its been sitting around my house for while. If you are looking for more info, message me.

Bundle includes:
- G&G GR15 Raider CQB rifle
- DBoys M203 airsoft grenade launcher (with rail mounts)
- OD green Noveske KX3 Flash hider/Amplifier
- JBU KURZ M4 suppressor
- UTG 4x20 Scope (with extra rail mounts)
- 2 high cap magazines (spray painted OD green)
- 8 mid cap mags (150 round cap)(also spray painted OD green)
- Tenergy Smart Charger
-12 pc. UTG rail covers (Spray Painted OD green)
- Foregrip
- speed reloader for the mid cap mags
- M16 style iron sight and original m4 iron sight

Batteries and BBS not included becuase my battery was getting pretty old I figured that there are better batteries for this gun anyways, same goes for the BBs. I included a smart charger, if it means anything.

***Original boxes that are included***
-G&G Gr15 box
-UTG Scope Box
-m203 Launcher box

*More Info*
-Accessories included are in great condition, mid cap mags work well when in the field and have never caused me any problems. (would advise you to wear them back in because they've been sitting for a while). I have never used the m203 launcher at all so it is also in great condition. The mid caps, rail covers, and the two high cap mags were spray painted OD green. They're in great condition as well and the green makes the gun looks great. Just a couple knicks on the mags from trying to put it in the gun on. Should also mention that the mid cap mags have an okay fit with the gun. With that being said I usually solved this problem by wrapping electrical tape along the half of the mag that goes into the gun and the fit was perfect. Other than that, if you have any questions, message me.


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