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Custom Krytac Trident MK1 CRB

Custom Krytac Trident MK1 CRB

Selling my personal KRYTAC TRIDENT MK1 CRB. Purchased last year and have been on display in my office ever since. Never taken out to a field nor fired. Registered with KRYTAC. Can easily swap between the flashy red accessories or dark earth.Comes with all ...

We tech 1911 and asg po9 for sale (used)

We tech 1911 and asg po9 for sale (used)

I'm looking to get rid of my extra pistols. WE 1911 shoots well, but has some slide issues. Comes with two mags. (40 USD) Asg Po9 is barely used and shoots great! Only issue are that the co2 mags suck. I'll throw in the leaky mag for free if you want ...

Golden Eagle M4 RIS Full Metal(excluding Reciever)
250 USD

Golden Eagle M4 RIS Full Metal(excluding ...

This rifle is full metal, except for upper and lower receivers, giving it a pretty realistic weight compared to a real AR-15 or similar rifle. It has safe, semi-automatic, and full-automatic fire modes, and runs off of a 7-cell Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack w/ included smart charger that will ensure the battery is never overcharged. It also has an adjustable stock which doubles and the battery compa...

Elite Force M1911 Tac w/ accessories
225 USD

Elite Force M1911 Tac w/ accessories

This pistol is full metal and has almost the exact same weight as real a M1911. It uses GBB. The pistol is an Elite Force 1911 Tac, and includes a threaded barrel for mock suppressors, an attachment rail for pistol mounted flashlights, ambidextrous thumb safety, grip safety, grooved slide, and white painted sights for better low-light target acquisition. Included in this package is the pistol itse...

A&K SR-25 for sale

A&K SR-25 for sale

Sadly, it's time to sell my full metal A&K SR-25 DMR. The gun has been used 4 times and has run flawlessly each and every shot. After having a tight bore barrel put it, the gun was consistently chronoed at 460-470 FPS. While most DMR variants only come semi-auto, this is semi-auto and full auto with a very high rate of fire. This makes it ideal for not only long range, but short range situatio...

350 USD


WE SCAR L GBBR (BLACK) OPEN BOLT FOR SALE. I spent over 450$ just on the gun and magazines. Everything is awesome about this gun. Recoil and weight. But i have to let it go :( The last time i had this gun chrono, it was shooting around 400-420. Sometimes it goes lower but mostly it shoots 400fps consistantly. im selling the gun with 5 magazines. One mag does not have a screw.

Need to sell!
275 USD

Need to sell!

Hey everyone I'm selling my Pforce M4 RIS full metal AEG, my S-sport 331 co2 blowback pistol Baretta M9, my tactical vest, holster, 3 high cap magazines , a couple of BBS all for 275. Just a note this stuff is used. The guns have only been used 3 times So they are in good condition and in original box. If you wanna contact me about it for a serious deal plz do so I need to sell this stuff already ...

250 USD


Comes with:

Picatinny Front and Top Rails (Do have Original)
NO REAR SIGHT (Lost it at some point in time)
Barrel Sock
Speed Reloader
4,000 rounds
Tenergy Smart Charger

KWA SR7 (M4) + Complete Airsoft Package! SOCAL MEETUPS ONLY
850 USD

KWA SR7 (M4) + Complete Airsoft Package! ...

Looking for a great airsoft loadout for cheap? Look no further! The gear is all of excellent quality and condition from trusted manufacturers like KWA, Revision, Condor Tactical, Madbull, Gemtech, etc.
NOTE: The entire package must be purchased as a whole. (Patches on the vest not included) [-----------------------------------------...

Airsoft Equipment - Krytac -MilSim
800 USD

Airsoft Equipment - Krytac -MilSim

This setup would be perfect for anyone (or really two people) looking to get into airsoft.

All items included in this:

Krytac Trident SPR - (20-24 RPS & around 390-400 FPS, comes with suppressor, side scope, laser, quick release stock, sling, hand grip)

Combat Machine - Semi/Full auto (comes with suppressor and nice scope)

11.1V Lipo battery - 2000mah
(Included Valken Lipo charg...

Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Electric Blowback AEG
600 USD

Tokyo Marui SCAR-L Electric Blowback AEG

For sale gently used, rare Tokyo Marui SCAR-L airsoft AEG rifle with electric blowback. The rifle comes with everything that is included in the pictures.

TM SCAR-L AEG in a CQ variant with a manual.
2 1600mAh NiMH batteries with a charger.
4 TM mid-cap 82rds. magazines with an empty mag cut off.
2 high-cap magazines.
Prometheus EG 300mm tight bore barrel (not installed, in original package)...

Selling vfc spartan 309 under retail !!brand new never used
200 USD

Selling vfc spartan 309 under retail !!br...

I have a brand new srx 309 never played a game with it it has a noveskie amplifier that comes for free and a angled grip and 3 mid cap mags


Price -

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