Dragunov SVD-S, Black

Dragunov SVD-S, Black

www.airsoft-proshop.com The Dragunov SVD-S spring loaded sniper rifle, licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD. Modeled after the compact variant of the SVD designed for airborne infantry and ...

Matrix High Speed Airsoft Meduim Tactical Vest OD Green
45 USD

Matrix High Speed Airsoft Meduim Tactical...

Vest that is made of nylon and has lots of space for molle. Has built in camleback carrier, collar, shoulder pads, groin protector, and has rescue pull. But note that this is not a plate carrier.It's also in meduim size but there is velcro under the vest that allows for a wide range of adjustments.

Gear and rifle liquadaion
9999999 USD

Gear and rifle liquadaion

Let me start off with saying sorry i haven't been on in a while. Busy year finishing up high school and family problems blah blah, but enough haha. Im here to sell everything i dont use. I really haven't decided prices but im sure ill be easy to work with, all best offer prices. Just message more or post in this thread if you're interested or have any questions. Im trying to get rid of this stuff ...


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