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Dragunov SVD-S, Black

Dragunov SVD-S, Black The Dragunov SVD-S spring loaded sniper rifle, licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD. Modeled after the compact variant of the SVD designed for airborne infantry and ...

Classic Army PTS M4 electric airsoft rifle
300 USD

Classic Army PTS M4 electric airsoft rifl...

This is a classic army magpul pts M4 rifle. I bought it a few years ago and used it for awhile but it has been sitting under my bed collecting dust ever since. The reason that it is priced so high is because of all of the gear that it comes with; red dot sight, foregrip, tracer barrel attachment, 3 magazines total, few thousand rounds of .25 and .20 BBs as well as BBs for the tracer and 2 batterie...

Airsoft Lot
550 USD

Airsoft Lot

Selling 8 airsoft guns and accessories. Selling as a lot only, not in singles. $550, obo.

L96 [folding stock variant, has scope & bipod] spring

Unknown sniper [VSR10?]Wood stock, spring

King Arms Thompson, Licensed AEG -Echo1

XCR-C [polymer]

Robinson Armament AEG -JG M4a1

Elite Force AEG-G36c, battery

Uzi Carbine[HFC?], all metal, gas operated, needs a new mag

Lancer ...

Echo1 pistol/rifle bundle
250.00 USD

Echo1 pistol/rifle bundle

ECHO1 Airsoft Rifle Bundle

-ECHO1 AK-70 Electric rifle

-4 Bannana Magazines

-New Upgraded spring (also have original)

-Colt M1911A1 Airsoft Pistol

-18 Thunder V Distraction Devices (shells only)

-Helmet, iron mask, goggles, and vest

-About 5,000 Airsoft BB’s

-Airsoft Speed Loader


Price -

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