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Most used equipment

Riotharmus Quite simply what are your most used piece of kit when out in the field. For me it's three simple but very effective pieces:

1) Gerber Legend Multitool: www.shop4gerber.co.uk/800front.gif

It's never let me down yet, sharp blade, tough pliers, wire cutters all with solid build quality.. can't go wrong. Enough to work on a gun in the field, attach foliage to a ghillie and do anything in between all fitting nicely in a 9mm pistol mag pouch.

2)Light My Fire Spork: www.mailorderbatteries.com/images/new_images/light_my_fire/sporks.jpg

Knife, Fork and Spoon all in one.. what's not to love about this cheap, light weight and virtually indestructible eating tool! only thing i'd say is get a brightly coloured one so you don't loose it!!

3) Surefire G2: winarco.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/surefire-G2-nitrolon-xenon-tactical-flashlight-01.jpg

There are brighter torches, there are weapon mountable torches and then there's the G2... it will take a kicking (god know's mine has) and work as if it's brand new without fail.. 2 CR123a batteries and you can light up distances that far bigger torches could only dream of. All surefire torches are a good buy, but this one you won't worry about it getting scratched up, battered, shot at or dropped!!

what can you not do without??

7 years ago

Robin-Hood My Alta Knee pads. Love 'em. They're just perfect, they don't slip or rub and they don't cut off circulation at all. Not to mention saved my knees a bunch of times.

7 years ago

AirsoftActionMagazine As primarily a woodland skirmish day-player, my three most important bits of kit (weapons aside) are camo, gloves and boots. At the minute I'm using Deerhunter's Sneaky 3D camo suit (check it out here: www.deerhunter.dk/Default.aspx) which is an incredible bit of kit. It's inexpensive, lightweight and ideal for airsoft, though designed for hunters. I'm not a military fanaticist or aiming for a particular load-out, so suits me to a tee. Sticking with the hunting theme (my preferred area) I'm using Harkila Stalker boots (www.swillingtonshootingsupplies.co.uk/store/product/7034/Harkila-Stalker-GTX-Boots/), mainly because I already have them! Good quality boots are important to me, and the Harkilas, designed for traipsing six hours across moors and whatnot, easily stand up to a day's airsofting. That's two, and I'm not sure whether I could possibly rank my gloves as more used or useful than my goggles! Which are simply standard mesh goggles in OD. (Asst. Ed.)

7 years ago

Vityaz I have a few pieces of kit that have never let me down. 1) My old 1950's Chinese ''Chicom'' 3 cell ak chest rig. Its hard to go as far as calling it a rig, its a flat piece of OD canvas and it holds only 3 ak mags. Many a time i have had to use this in the blazing humid Florida sun when my other more advanced tactical gear became too hot and heavy to maintain 100% fighting capability. 2) Not very tactical but very rugged pair of Aeropostle cargo paints in a brown/dark earth color. These pants out of the teenage mall scene have lived longer then one pair of my bdus already, they are well put together and comfortable and are a look-alike to any PMC type cargo pants. 3) Lastly my 5.11 storm boots, by far best purchase in clothing articles in my entire life, they have seen almost a year (christmas being a year) of hard use and only a small scratch in the leather to show for it. the side zipping feature lets me let the heat out after a game in the hot summer sun here in FL.

7 years ago

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