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Your fantasy loadout.

Keywords: Loadouts, fantasy, camo, tools, mods

silentstalker What is your fantasy load out? camo, weapon, modifications, tools, everything.

6 years ago

silentstalker personally I'd take a cyma mod 5 with a foregrip and a tac light, dual cqb masters with extended mags, and a light vest for spare clips. move fast and let my team do the rest :D

6 years ago

Riotharmus for me it would be a Navy Seals Mountain Ops load out: reference pic: www.blackopstoys.com/catalog/images/TC-9012_00.JPG

6 years ago

silentstalker looks a bit to hard to move in but i would haul ass in the other direction if i saw that on the field XD

5 years ago

Akinah Personally, I would go for some USMC Desert loadout with a Scar-L / H w/ desert camo /w silencer and laser-flashlight and a Red dot (www.evike.com/product_info.php style :) ) already got that btw), a desert Molle vest with lots of mag pouches for Mid-cap/low-caps, and Who wouldnt like 2x Co2 Colt M1911s? Desert camo OF COURSE :P

5 years ago

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