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Blue Force Gear Medium Trauma Kit NOW! (Empty) $79.99 Coyot...

AirSplat Blue Force Gear Medium Trauma Kit NOW! (Empty) $79.99
Coyote - www.airsplat.com/blue-force-gear-medium-trauma-kit-now-coyote-empty.html
MultiCam - www.airsplat.com/blue-force-gear-medium-trauma-kit-now-multicam-empty.html

Purchase Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Supplies Sealed Packet HERE! (not included with Trauma Kit Pouch)


The Trauma Kit NOW! is an emergency access trauma kit that can be deployed with one finger, literally saving lives on the battlefield. The TKN was designed to hold the contents of the Army IFAK.

The TKN consists of two main components – the outer MOLLE pouch and a removable inner supply carriage. The pouch is slightly tapered to make for easy removal, despite how full or empty the inner carriage may be. The inner carrier is deployed by pulling the tab with the ball detail up and out of the outer pouch. The design of the pouch combined with ball detail enables the Trauma Kit NOW! to be deployed with gloved hands in the dark, cold, or wet environments, or one finger if need be.

The inner carriage consists of six rows of various sized heavy-duty elastic loops to keep medical essentials secure but visible. A center loop field can be used to secure pill packs or other smaller items with sticky hook tape (not included). The top flap of the carriage can be closed and secured with hook and loop to keep the carriage secure to pass off to a teammate in need. To further lighten the Trauma Kit NOW! The inner supply carriage is now built out of a single piece of ULTRAcomp. This lightens the overall pouch while increasing durability.

A single column of MOLLEminus slots on top are fully MOLLE compatible and provides a great location for a Single Pistol Pouch for a flashlight or multi-tool, or the Tourniquet NOW! Strap.

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