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Cerberus Milsim Group (Bay Area, California)

Cerberus Milsim Gr. The philosophy behind Cerberus Milsim Group is to provide the one thing that is missing from every national OP: brotherhood. CMG is a closed community that offers private operations between two battling factions. Each member will be placed in a squad and will get to know each member of his or her squad and how that squad fits in with the larger platoon, company, etc.The problem with national level operations is that you only get to know your squad for a few short days. There is no sense of brotherhood and comradery during most big operations. CMG puts major emphasis on these. You will not only fight alongside other members, but will also train with them. Once you are placed in a squad, you are expected to stay and fight with them during monthly missions. Your squad will feel like your siblings- not strangers that signed up for the same event. Your squadmates will not have just met you at the registration booth hours before- calling you by an unfamiliar call sign your buddy at your local field gave you. No. Your squadmate will be calling you your childhood nickname- telling you to pick up the pace if you don’t want to get caught in another ambush like you did last mission. And that is the point. Teammates should be brothers-not strangers. This is what Cerberus Milsim Group is all about.

General Facts:
-There are two separate joinable factions: Intervention and 6th Special Infantry Division
-Each faction has its own unique gear and weapons as well as its own leadership
-Strict loadout and weapon requirements add authenticity
-Each faction trains separately from one another
-Each player will be given a specific combat role
-One faction training session and one combat mission occurs per month
-Intervention is encouraged to employ guerilla tactics to level the playing field that favors the SID due to their greater numbers and better equipment
-Whether it be rigging airsoft IEDs in fake weapon caches, digging spider holes, or making a minefield, each faction has complete tactical freedom.
-Both the missions and training occur at a private airsoft field
-The two factions only meet during combat, not in some parking lot or registration booth beforehand
-Infantry on both sides is organized into squads, platoons and companies
-Training is conducted by squad leaders with the idea of adapting to a constantly adapting opposition
-Each faction will have access to fully functional weapon caches where they can quickly rent weapons (not unlike checking out a library book) and resupply by taking grenades and loaded magazines.
-The combat missions will change each time offering opportunities to adapt to the opposition
-Each mission will play off the events of the previous mission offering dynamic gameplay and an ever-evolving storyline

Joining the Cerberus Milsim Community

In order to become a member you must fit the following general requirements:

-Be 15 years of age or older (If you are younger, you still may apply but you have to show that you are mature and experienced beyond your years during the online interview. If you are deemed unfit, you may reapply when you turn 15.)
-Live within or within driving distance of the Bay Area
-Have at least one year of airsoft experience
-Have access to the required equipment
-Not be a jerk (The idea beat the opposition with firepower and wit -not trash talk and cheating)

If you fit all of the above requirements, you must complete the attached application and submit it by email to cerberusmilsim@gmail.com. The email must be titled in the following format: (Your)Lastname Application or else you will be asked to format it correctly and resubmit it. You will be notified within two weeks by email whether your application was accepted or denied. If your application was denied, you may re-apply one year from your original application. If you are approved, you will be emailed instructions for joining our Teamspeak channel. You will be asked to email times you will be asked to complete a survey to sign up for a 15 or 20 minute Teamspeak interview with your recruiter. He or she will ask you questions regarding your previous airsoft experience to see if you would make a suitable member CMG. Your recruiter will be friendly and respectful. This interview is designed to be a stress free opportunity for you to show of what kind of airsofter and person you are. The recruiter will tell you whether or not you are accepted at the end of the interview and will ask if you want to join SID or Intervention. He or she will write down your first choice and email you more information such as which faction you will join. We will try to get everyone into the faction of their choosing, but if you are not placed into the faction of your choice there is a good reason (Unbalanced teams, Best fit for your playstyle, etc.) In the event that you did not get into the faction you wanted, it is suggested that you attend the first training session and move on to the next phase of selection so that you can meet other faction members and get to see this milsim environment in person.

Link to the application: docs.google.com/document/d/12RbGI-iHH25aRAcvwd9GMreIYeHoJ0UW6i6Pym1X44E/

Thanks for taking a look. Feel free to email us any questions. If you join, an in depth loadout and weapon guide will be emailed to you. Many people will have to purchase additional equipment. Keep in mind, we do not yet have a place to play. If you own large private land we can play on, please email us.

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Cerberus Milsim Gr.
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