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Girls in Airsoft

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rudy Hi guys (and girls). Are there some girls in your teams and associations ? More and more girls are playing Airsoft. I don't think we'll get more than 10% of girls though. The "milsim" aspect is maybe an obstacle to more girls in Airsoft. Can you tell us your experience about girls (and women) in your region. Why do they prefer Airsoft to Paintball ? Do they play differently (discretion, cleverness, capacity to think "out of the box" ?).

6 years ago

CommandoK17 Hell yes man, u get guns and boobies

5 years ago

MND hell yea they play defferently,. there a girl on my airsoft team in san asntonio,. an no lie, she's a beast ass player,....it was her b-day last month an we had an "eveyone against her" (12 on 1)...she killed half of us befor she finally ran out of BB's.....on the down side girls seam to be more "ballsy" shes allways rushing ahead of the team in battle,

5 years ago

Spitfire WE have girls yes, but nothing like the other guys are saying. They tend to stand around a lot, and not really jump into the heat of the abttle while us men are sprinting acrost the CQB field, rushing, coming up with strategies to invade a base as we are sprinting towards it.

5 years ago

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