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JG AK47 Problem?

toontaskfan Hi.. uhh, I think my AK has somewhat of an electrical problem. I have a CA AUGa2 and a JG AK47 tactical with the stock that folds under the receiver. I haven't been shooting any of my guns recently. I took all of my batteries out to charge them. After a few hours, I plugged the batteries in. I noticed my AUG worked, but the AK wouldn't work. I figured the AK battery needed to be charged a little longer. My AUG works perfectly with the AUG battery, so I figured I'd try to plug the AUG battery into the AK to see if it was the AK and not the battery. It's the AK. Both batteries are completely charged. Can you please help? My AK has a small crack in the green connector, which may be the problem. It could be the fuse though, and I don't know how to get to it. I tried disassembling my AK last night, but it's a kind of complicated process because I don't have a full stock. There's a stick type battery at the top of the gun, like where you would start disassembling a real AK. Please help me!

6 years ago

futlus hello , try cheking you tube on how to disassemble an JG ak47 , there are lot of videos to choose from ,

6 years ago
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