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New Gun, need Ideas.

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TrojanJ I'm debating on what airsoft gun I'd like to get. I'm just recreational airsofter, but I don't shy away from a good gun, both airsoft and actual. I'm selling my G&G M4 and my friend is trading me his KWA MP7 GBB. I intend on using that as my CQB/possible back up. I like AR platforms, I've been trained on them, and know how to use them better, but I'm honestly tired of them and I'm not getting another G&G due to that M4 being a waste.
I also have a SCAR-L that's in the shop, for repairs/rebuilding due to it being a bone yard. I wouldn't mind getting a M14. I've always like the M14 Platform, when I was thirteen that was the first platform I got, granted it was a spring. I think I may just get one, either CYMA or possibly the G&P Recon/Scout whatever it is. I have trust in CYMA, they maybe cheap, but I know they last in the long run as a old CYMA AK out did that G&G M4 which broke three times and the AK only once and that was my fault. Can anyone give me input on which would be better. The M14 maybe HPAed with a Wolverine SMP for a better sniper platform. Thanks, -J

2 years ago

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