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Brand New ICS-20 M4A1 for sale

Soldier8674 Anybody in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, or Vermont

I have a brand new ICS-20 M4A1 airsoft gun I a, trying to sell. I purchased it a year ago never got around to using it and it's just taking up,space and I'd like to sell it if I can. I,purchased it for $260 on the gun itself. I bought the battery and smart charger separately for a total $65. An all around investment of $325. I understand I am not going to get that much for selling despite never having used it. I have tried ebay and it didn't work. Close 5 and Craigslist forbid sale of airsoft guns. My asking price is $260 however I am willing to negotiate and I will throw in the battery and charger send me a message if you are interested.

2 years ago

capehart928 Hey!

Quick question. I have recently gotten into airsoft and am signed up for my first turny in June. Pretty excited. Anyway, I have been searching for a new rifle to compete with and stumbled upon the G&G Raider M16 which i saw a review on www.bestairsoftgunhq.com . It struck my interest as it seemed well built and inline with what i was looking for. My question, do you have any experience with the raider? and if so what are your thoughts? I have asked a few others and they all said it is a good weapon for matches.

Thanks again.

2 years ago

Soldier8674 Afraid I know nothing about airsoft. The only gun I own I am attempting to sell. Never played ever

2 years ago
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