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Your Role!

RomanShield Welcome to the role sheet, in this document i will be going over what each roles responsibility is. So lets get a move on.

CQC stand for close quarter combat, that means up in personal. You job will be in the of the group, not leading the way but making sure no one is close to us. So kinda our eyes of the group. Yours gun will need to be about 380 Fps or lower for CQC. You need to wear eye protection and preferably a mask. You dont wanna turn a corner then get blasted and lose an eye. Believe or not this is probably one of the most dangerous jobs to have on the team. We count on you to give us info on what you see. You need good vision.

Assaultman, you lead the way, you make good calls, and are very important to the team. Your in the front of the pack next to the CQC guys. Your will also be used for cover. When the team takes fire front any direction you cover them and make sure they get out of the heat and get to safety. You guys will be the backbone of this team. You must keep constant contact with each other. When someone needs to complete an objective you must be right beside them. Example; Memember is down and medic needs to get him, you run with the medic and cover and fire support the medic. You are needed and important.

Heavy Assaultman:
Heavy Assaultman support the team such as cover fire when crossing an open area, or covering the team when people are reloading. For this role you need a gun that has a clip with over 1000 rounds. You need to carry a molle backpack. You are our storage unit also, you carry extra ammo, radios and other needed goods. You get our team to safety, and to it objective. You will be in the back of the pack watching over the team. You need to look intimidating.

You are our eyes in the sky. When you see an enemy you spot them for us, which mean you call us and tell us about them. You are aloud to take off to where you want. Do not be surprised if we can not get to your loaction to tag you bag in. You need to move lightly, silently, and swift. If you are with another sniper work together. You need to be very careful. Your gun must have up to 420 + fps
and you 25g bbs.

Medic you have the most important role of all. You are the life saver. You will be located in the middle of the pack, protected. Your role is extremely hard, you must stay in the game for everyone to stay alive. You must make smart moves and must make sure you have the support for it. When you go to tag someone in expect to someone by your side. You must be able to multi-task. You will need to have one pouch to carry rags in. Remember, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO THE TEAM!

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