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Requirements and Rules

RomanShield Welcome to Ghost Force Recon, in this document I will be going over rules and requirements. To start off, I will go over requirements. So lets start:
You need to have your own gun.
You will need at least two loadouts. (Night Ops, and Day Games)
15 or older (We dont want immaturity)
You will need to be in one of the five Catagories. (CQC, Assaultman, Heavy Assaultman, Medic, Sniper)
You must have a team patch sewed on or ironed to your uniform. (This does not damage your Uniform).
Must be able to make most practices.

In the section above, where it says three loadouts. Night Ops loadout is fairly easy, all you will need is some dark clothing such as Black shirt and pants. Days games is your own loadout, so from desert digital to multi-camo will be allowed, basically your own loadout.
Now that i have gone over uniforms i will begin with the rules, so lets start:
No disrespecting team members.
No lone wolf crap!
Obey orders you are given. (Unless you see a better view point, then speak up about it)
Must stay in contact with team at all times.
You cannot miss over five practices. (Unless family emergency or Doctors appointments)
Do not take any gun with a flashider into public, if i find out you have you will be kicked!
Must have eye protection! (Sunglasses, goggles, Clear glasses)
Have fun with Airsoft and the team.

Thank You for your time if you are interested in joining please message me!

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