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Its winter and are you playing Airsoft any where.

sars1971 With winter upon us where do you play Airsoft? Here in New York we either wait til spring or find some where that has a big enough space to play. I have never played indoors and I am looking for a place to play.My basement is serving as a shooting range, my two sons and their friends are always down there seeing who is better at shot placement.they are getting bored with that and want to play, so if any one knows of a place to play, shout it lol.Check out my site @ taketheglance.com and leave a comment.

6 years ago

Anonymous Hi! In Finland we play during the winter all the time!

5 years ago

sars1971 Hi thanks for your comments, i wish we could play here. Only if we could get the people out to play.

5 years ago

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