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Cybergun SIG552 issue

YoLoL I have a bit of a problem with my replica. As the title says, it's a cybergun SIG552. The problem is that the tiny metal grip that holds the RIS top rail (the one with the Swiss army logo) broke. It's didn't broke entirely, just enough to not be able to securely grab de rail.

My question is, does anybody knows if that piece is sold separately? And if so, where?

Any suggestions to fixing it?

7 years ago

YoLoL I'm self responding this question =). After a few weeks of looking into this issue I decided to get a boneyard model from Evike. At the end it payed off well since there were many broken pieces in my replica already. Also, I found that there aren't many spare parts for this model. The piece that broke off is the external canon, it is fixed to the upper receiver by a two pair of screws. It was easy to replace since I didn't have to touch the motor or the gearbox.

6 years ago

YoLoL BTW; this is she in her finest moment: yolol.deviantart.com/art/SIG552-and-equipment-301719327 you like it?

6 years ago

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