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Comment Here If You Play Airsoft In New York

elydotsnry Airsoft experiences and places to play in New York. It always seems that nobody plays here!

5 years ago

necron it is a slow process but we are getting a small gathering in southern n.y. we have a good turn out of 20 people playing. i have started a field and our base of opperation is at"post smokes" in salamanka. i have an airsoft group page at "southern tier airsoft" and would love more support and players :) or you can friend me on facebook and check out a lot of pics at philip duval. ty and hope to see ya's out there

5 years ago

The destroyer 1 Hey guys my name is jaani and I live in brooklyn ny I am looking for group to team up and I own a m4 assault rifle and I am very good at defending and assaulting so please text me 1347 955 6286 just wanna get into airsoft more likely playing every week .

3 years ago

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