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Classic Army M15A4 upgrades

Dasauto123 I have the sport-line version of the CA M15A4, and I've been wanting to do some internal upgrades, but I have no clue where to start. I'd like to increase torque to up my rate of fire, and I'd like to know which barrel I should get to improve accuracy. Also, any external upgrades (like butt stock and pistol grip) suggestions are welcome.

5 years ago

JerryMcGoulBerry Anything that is TM V2 gearbox compatible (and there is a lot!) will work.
As for ROF, Lonex makes high speed and torque motors that are amazing and friendly to the wallet. 11.1 one lipo would be slightly overkill, but would do good. I recomend a quality 9.6 NiHM. high speed gears will also help (SHS 13:1 is good). Madbull barrels are the best band for your buck. as for externals, Check out a site called pimpmygun. its a super user friendly gun builder ran on flash that can help you get a good idea of what your gun can look like. There are no better or worse for externals, its all preference.
last thing, I hate to tell you, but anything that is "sportsline" is crap. Chinese clones are cheaper, and better. JG is amazing. You're going to be investing a lot into a crappy gun.

5 years ago

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