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Color Matching for ACU?

Spitfire I'm working on my next tactical outfitting along the lines of "Lightweight Hardcore-Rushing with ACU flare", going with something that looks really cool after having my RealTree load-out for sniping and tactical situations....which, honestly didn't look cool at all.

I have the basis of the body down, but one big thing has stumped me. Lemme give you some details on the load-out.

So far, I have lightweight comfy brown boots,Standard issue ACU pants, black gloves, black short sleeved lightweight cotton shirt, an ACU vest, a green G36c, clear goggles, and a standard issue ACU patrol hat.

My question is, I have been looking for a tactical neck wrap that is lightweight, cool(in both warmth and looks), and comfortable. Upon researching, I found this material deemed "snipers veil" on Evike, and was wondering what color you guys would think would best suit my load-out.

The Vest: www.evike.com/product_info.php
This Gun: www.evike.com/product_info.php

Which color of this veil would you choose?
(From left to right, Foliage Green, Desert Tan, Olive Drab Green, Black)

I was thinking tan, because the color reflects lots of light(I'm not aiming for being camoflauged), and tan pretty much goes with any darker color, but since I have not used ACU, I am not 100$ sure on colors. Any ideas?

6 years ago
  • Spitfire
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