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Roles, Roles, Roles.

NonOmnisMori Lets talk about what role you play in your team, how your loadout reflects that and specific tasks your entrusted with!

5 years ago

NonOmnisMori Phantom - relfective of his name likes to play a fast stealthy role, usually first in an area, and first in a firefight. however thats not to suggest he can't sneak his way around. In his kit he runs, a DPMS panther arms "kitty kat" (a cqb RIS M4), steel mesh goggles (for anit fog of course), a vest with a total of 4 high cap mags, a speed loader, one extra battery, (8.4 ni-cad, light wieght knee pads and basic ACU.

Generally his rolse consists of commander of the team, scout, and stealth element.

5 years ago

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