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Quality of SRC's G36s??

Keywords: SRC, g36, internal, quality

Spitfire Simple. How good are SRC's G36s... compared to lets say.... JG or Echo 1??

5 years ago

SwedishAirsoftviking JG and Echo 1 is the same, Echo 1 rebrands JG products, just as TSD for SRC and Cybergun for G&G.

4 years ago

SwedishAirsoftviking But on topic: SRC has rock solid internals, their motor can rival(rival not win) Systemas motors, their gears can be used to an M140 spring, double O-Ring sealed Piston Head, 8mm ball bearings(this is Gen.3 series) and ball bearing spring guide. Gen.3 gearboxes are rock solid and reinforced, you technically can upgrade it to an M190 or even an M210(if you now can find one) spring before it'll crack, external materials are reinforced Fyberglass reinforced polymer(same as for the real G36s), and anodized aluminum, SRC rivals with ease KWA and G&G, metal hop-up and such, everything except the hop-up bucking is fine(strongly recommend Madbull hop-up bucking, SRCs are not really bad, it gets an 8/10 but I'd replace it). Basiclly SRC guns will be one hell of an advantage for the user :)

4 years ago

JerryMcGoulBerry I don't care what anybdy says, SRC gen 2s rock. Not the sportlines, but the regular gen 2 and 3s are great. my budy used and abused that thing for almost a years now and its still working fine. JGs are also tanks. They might not perform as well, but it will last you awhile.

4 years ago
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