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good sniper rifle under 120$

Famewhipper I'm brand new to airsoft, and I have a jg g36. I'm looking for a sniper rifle but can't decide. Any advise from airsoft squared?

5 years ago

JerryMcGoulBerry Anything that a TM R700, VSR-10 or L96 clone. out of the box, you wont find a great sniper for even a 200$ sniper. If you really want to skirmish with it, you'll need some upgrades for it. There are some good guides on youtube. No shame in leaving it stock for awhile and seeing how much you like using it. A common mistake for people is getting a snper rifle, using it, realizing it's really hard and being a sniper doesn't get many hits, and they already spent a tone of money on it.

5 years ago

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