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AEG broken

Keywords: aeg, repair

Kane Gurney hi guuys i left my battery in my m4 and when ever i go to fire it clicks.
i have used a different battery charged and everything. i have heard that leaving in the battery breaks the gun.if this is the case do any of you guys know how to sort this ?

5 years ago

orkit666 Find the fuse and by pass the wires...use a fresh battery and fire the gun on semi. If this doesnt work, take to a dealer who can help with repairs or do it yourself. Only thing I can think of. What kind of AEG is it?

5 years ago

megla if the gun clicks its not the fuse... could only be a trigger lock set the gun on full auto and shoot... if that doesent work it might be that the spring is fully compressed and the motor and battery are to weak to release it.. try with 11.1 lipo.. or take out the motor and use a long narrow tool to remove the anti reversal latch from the gear to reset the spring...

5 years ago
Kane Gurney

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