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GBBR`S The gas problem

Kane Gurney We all want a realistic gbbr rifle no matter where we live,
the problem is not there price but more the cost of maitainance but mostly the cost of magazines which are vital in this case,
there is also the anoying prospect of not getting a full magazine of gas

i wish a manufacturer could solve these problems by connecting some kind of gas valve to the gun.
then you could carry a medium sized propane tank on your rig or back,
this could allow you to use standard AEG ! magazines in your m4 which to the typical gas magazine is cheaper by about 3X.
just an idea i came up with would look pretty sweet but be a affective as aegs.
please feel free to leave your input on the idea.

5 years ago

stayfrosty My load out is all GBB and I have experience the fustration of leaky mags also. If you are having problems keeping your gas mag filled, then there is a leak somewhere that needs to be fixed. Of all the solutions out there, I found it's best to change the o-rings. I have replaced o-rings for all my six pistol mags (kjworks P226) and they run great. If anyone else needs o-rings for this type, send me a PM.

5 years ago
Kane Gurney

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