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Riot Shields

Keywords: riot, shield, fair, play, game, rules

YoLoL What's your take on this particular equipment?

Personally I think it unbalances the game and favor a team over the others.

of those who are in use, do you allow it to be used with no restrictions? Do you try something to balance back the game?

6 years ago

Remus i know slow reply... anyway at my local they have 2 sheilds that they use in only one game, plant the flag at the enemy fort. the sheilds are not game breaking as theey only protect one side and you have to walklow and slow to prevent you loosing your legs. and where you die you drop the sheild when you go to respawn, meaning they are easily lost. having to carry them around all day as well as your gun and kit would be a pain, and they make you seen easier(

6 years ago

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