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Camouflage sniper : Pencott, Ghillie, Claw Gear ...

lefourbe Bonjour je voulais savoir si les snipers qui ont un uniforme Pencott en sont contents? et si c'est efficace?
Sinon, que préfères-tu?

Hello I wanted to know if the snipers who have a Pencott uniform are happy? Is it really efficient?

Merci / Thank !

6 years ago

campo look, this style make me adict to skirmish, i dont know why.. so if you can't feel it.. just, feel it... awesome !

Being a Sniper teach me about : Patient, respect, accuarcy, Time-bond, Specific, Measured... Damn ! Its so Usefull..

How do think ? How do you feel ?

My friend (airsofter ) in other country said : " .. Airsoft sniping is not for everyone, I'd be bloody hard if it was, we all play for our own reasons, those that snipe generally read up on how to improve, and some are remarkable players, but it is what it is an eliment of airsoft, one of a greater whole, without the other types of airsofters it be a very slow game, and anyhow, I enjoy targeting the special forces wannabes, they make good sport..."

6 years ago

Cartman I think the question is more about Pencott using as Camo pattern that about the Sniping as a type of player

5 years ago
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