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Warlords of the Pacific, Recruiting in Oregon

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We are a milsim team based out of Roseburg, Oregon. If you play airsoft in Douglas County, or anywhere else in Oregon, we could always use another good rifleman. Here, I will post an outline of our team. For more detailed information, or to join up on the forums and chat with us, visit the website.

Our Creed: S.I.F.T. Safety, Integrity, Fun, Teamwork

General Requirements:

- 18 years of age (valid ID required)
- Reside in Oregon
- Reliable transportation
- Adherence to the Warlord\\\'s Creed and all safety regulations
- Drug Free
- Willingness to learn
- Positive attitude

Equipment Requirements:

- Woodland MARPAT MCCUU, government issue or \\\"perfect\\\" replica
- Combat boots, tan rough-out, USMC issue highly preferred
- Black web belt w/ black buckle
- Load-bearing gear, woodland MARPAT or olive drab in color
- AEG primary weapon with competitive performance capabilities
- At least four mid-cap magazines for AEG, NO HIGH-CAPS
- Gas-powered sidearm recommended but not required

If you do not already have the uniform, talk to me before buying. I can get government issue MCCUU at impossibly good prices. This is only available to official team members.

What to Expect:

We are a very organized team. We have a very specific structure and move like a real combat unit on the field. We always work together to achieve our objectives, and there are always members of leadership on the field leading the way. Leadership is not there to be bossy; they are there to help keep things organized. Everybody is treated as equals, and everybody\\\'s opinion is valuable, especially when considering how to take on a mission or an objective.

Every new recruit will go through a training program that lasts about five days. During that time, we will be practicing everything from basic weapon handling and maintenance to advanced combat maneuvers in both woodland and MOUT environments. Recruits will learn how to move as one unit on the field and respond to situations tactically. They will also be learning a variety of hand signals to enable the entire team to communicate silently when needed.

Our training principles are as follows:

We will train at a comfortable pace
We will focus on the fundamentals
We will make training FUN

We are a team, and we have a team spirit. We will have regular trainings every month, and they will always be fun. We will often go out to eat together as a team after a training or event. We will also be having regular laser tag games in town when funds allow.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via the form on the website. If you are intersted in enlisting, please make an account on our forum, and also submit an enlistment application via the recruiting center on the site.

Thank you for considering Warlords of the Pacific. We hope to see you on the battlefield.



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