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Airsoft Research Project- Very Short Survey

Fixer Hello, I am doing a survey project on airsoft. I would greatly appreciate if you would take a few minutes to answer this very short survey.

What state do you currently reside in? (optional)
How long have you been playing airsoft?
How did you become interested in playing airsoft?
What age did you first use an airsoft gun?
How often do you play airsoft against other people?
On a scale of 1(nobody but yourself) to 10(everyone), how many people in your area play airsoft?

What type of airsoft weapon is your favorite to use, and why? (Electric, Spring, CO2, etc...)
What is your primary weapon?
Do you carry a secondary weapon? If so, what is it?
Do you carry any form of airsoft grenade or mine?
What attachments do you have on your primary weapon? (Scopes, flashlights, lasers, vertical grips, etc...)
What gear do you wear when playing airsoft? (Helmets, plate carriers, gloves, etc...)
What type of playing environment do you prefer? (CQB, a large open field, or elements of both)
Do you have a favorite gameplay scenario? (Capture the flag, Conquest, Transport a VIP, etc...)
What advice would you give to someone who is about to play their first game?

Final Questions
If you could have any airsoft weapon. What would it be both internally and externally? (FPS, method of firing, specific pistol/rifle, etc...)
What is the most you are willing to spend on a new airsoft weapon?
What company do you purchase most of your airsoft items from?
What are your favorite brands of airsoft guns? (Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, Jing Gong, Echo1, Elite Force, etc...)
What do you enjoy most about playing airsoft?

Thank you for your time! :)

5 years ago
  • Fixer
  • Age: 24
  • Member since: Nov 2012

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