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Airsoft Battle Strategies

theairsoftbay When you're getting yourself ready for the fun and suspenseful adventure of an airsoft rifle battle you have to be highly prepared and trained for battle otherwise you won’t be able to come out on top. Most contenders just want to rush out onto the field and unload the airsoft clip on everybody they see. To some, that tactic may not work at all, but to others it might work wonderfully. Others prefer to sit back on defense and wait for the others to attack and pick them off with a weapon like an airsoft rifle as they charge along. Once again, could be good for some, but not for all. If you really want to become a top contender of the airsoft rifle battlefield, and avoid getting hit by an airsoft bb at all costs, you have to look at all points of the field to get the best outcome, and make sure you have the right airsoft rifle for the right strategy.

The first thing you should do in every battle is examine the whole area of the battlefield and figure out a strategy from their. If you're participating in a battlefield that seems to be more spread out and not interfered by obstacles then your best bet would be a defensive strategy. On these occasions it is best to have an airsoft rifle with a high velocity and most likely a single shot airsoft rifle (semi automatic). This way your not wasting any airsoft bb you don’t have to. The idea of a defensive strategy during an airsoft rifle battle is to hold back and let your competitors come to you, rather than expose yourself to them first and risk the possibility of getting hit by an airsoft bb. The first step of a defensive strategy would be to find a spot on the airsoft rifle battlefield that gives you as much coverage of the area as possible. This way you’re not forced to move around and risk being seen by a contender or hit by an airsoft bb. Also, when looking for a strategic spot to position yourself, you should be looking for a spot that has you covered on all sides. This way your protected by flanking enemies, or contenders that sneak past the front lines. After finding your strategic spot on the airsoft rifle battlefield the next best thing to do is be patient. There will be occasions where your enemy will simply come out running at you, which will benefit you strongly because you can simply pick them off with an airsoft sniper rifle. On most occasions your best waiting till you have a clear shot at your enemy and you’re positive you can hit them. This way if you fire too soon and miss, you risk giving away your position for nothing and getting hit by an airsoft bb.

The other strategy would be the attack strategy during an airsoft rifle battle would to be on the assault. Assault in a battlefield is the same thing as charging your enemies. This doesn’t simply mean run out guns blazing till your toe to toe with your contender. The first factor you should look at while using the assault strategy is to figure out where your contenders are on the battlefield. You don’t just want to attack first and find them as your moving forward. They’ll win that fight probably every time. It is best during an airsoft rifle battle to spot them first and then move forward with the assault. This way your the one with the benefit of surprise which can be a huge advantage. The best airsoft rifle to have during this would be to be something with a high velocity, a high airsoft bb output(meaning an airsoft rifle that shoots a lot of airsoft bb in a short amount of time), an airsoft rifle that is fully automatic, and also compact in design. This way you can cover corner to corner and quickly take out your enemies during the airsoft battle. Having a rifle with all of these features will allow you to do that. You don’t want to worry about the slow timing of using a spring airsoft gun, or having to reload too much, and you don’t want to be the one moving rapidly through an airsoft rifle battlefield with a 4 foot airsoft sniper rifle. Doing this strategy can have a high success rate if done correctly (simply by following the steps above).

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