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For Hire: M. Melendez (92562)

Anonymous Name: Michael Melendez
Age: 18
Location: Murrieta, CA/ San Marcos, CA
Contact Information: mjmelendez13@gmail.com
Do You Have Your Own Transportation: yes
Distance Willing To Travel For Games: Anywhere near the Riverside County Area. Including most of LA and SD counties.
Impressions/Camo Pattern(s) Owned: Tri-color Woodland and Desert (separate) uniforms
Weapons and Equipment Owned:
-Wellfire G3 AEG
-DE Multi-Shot Tactical Shotgun
-Y&P SOCOM MK23 GBB Pistol
-Cybergun Licensed Colt M1911 Spring Pistol
Why You Should Consider Me: I've been airsofting for four years now. While I mainly frequent Jericho Lake Elsinore, I have also participated in events at Warped Ops fields. I have experience in CQB and Ambush tactics. As well as instructing basic CQ battle tactics and Group movements. I also have experience in squad/ fireteam strategies. I am quick to learn and am not afraid to get into the thick of it.

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michael.j.melendez.3 Previous profile. However info is still the same.

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