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NEW Airsoft Retailer - SuperiorTCG

SuperiorTCG Hello Airsofters,

My name is Jordan Graham, I am the owner of SuperiorTCG which is a company devoted to providing the highest performing custom AEGs to the market at a price rivaling KWA. Due to our love for airsoft we wanted to allow players of all budgets to have their hands on a custom rifle at an affordable price. We are not like other retailers who will slap a scope on a rifle then call it custom, we believe true custom work is inside and out. My company is made for airsofters by airsofters. We want to give quality, high performing products to the mass market, at a reasonable price, with a great warranty. I feel that this represents Airsoft at its core and how a retailer should be. We don't overprice or under deliver on what we state. Please check out our page, products, and website, I'd love to talk more.


4 years ago

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4 years ago

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