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Border War 4 - The Newcomer


We would like to share with you latest news regarding prices and information about Airmobile Platoons.

In order to be inserted once during the game by helicopter you need to be in a so called Airmobile Platoon. (AMP) AMP is a task assembly of players who will register themselves in to either S.E.L.A. – Airmobile or Tf 359 – Airmobile fractions.

Price of these fractions is increased by 23 Euro (550 Czech Crowns) for helicopter insertion + ticket and other services prices.

Insertion flight would take around 3 minutes. Speed of the helicopter is 250 km/per hour, so you going to see quite a lot of panorama while you knees will shiver and your adrenaline will be pumping.

Troops entering the helicopter will under go mandatory special training and equipment checks during the event where all security aspects and other will be explained.

For people who will not have a chance to have a ticket to airmobile platoon we are offering sight seeing 8 minutes flights before the game start on Thursday during registration and Friday until noon. Price of the sight seeing tour flight is 33 Euro. (800 Czech Crowns).

Helicopters used for the airlift are Robinson 3 seat helicopters.

As we were testing the flights last week we highly recommend air assault platoons to military enthusiasts who want to bring their MILSIM experience to upper level, asvell the sight seeing flight is for people who want to enjoy the unique experience of flying - taking pictures of panorama and observe the beauties of the country from the air. Airmobile platoon members will have to hold gun instead of the camera… shortly saying so no time for picture taking.

For people who have newer flown in the Chopper we highly recommend sightseeing from my experience because its simply amazing…

During the flights you will be able to see one of the most famous castle from air, beautiful lake, wild forest, abandoned fortifications, and maybe some more…

Airmobile Platoons size limits.

As we are trying first time air mobility we have decided to make following platoon restrictions for BW4

S.E.L.A. Airmobile – 60 player fraction limit

TF 359 Airmobile – 60 player fraction limit

Our goal is to transport 120 players during one game via VTOL aircraft on a MILSIM game which is seems to be something very unique...

Players in airmobile platoons will be informed in advance what time to be where - in order to undergo their air lift – that means thay can be still part of their normal platoons except certain part of the game where they will have to be elsewhere performing missions dedicated to Airmobile task assembly units…

For more information don't hesitate to contact us.

With best regards,

BW crew

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