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Operation: Homeland


Site Visit & Further info:
Kim and I went to check out the Senny FIBUA site on Monday in order to recce the place and plan where people will go and game details. We had two occasions where the army nearly took the event away from us! which meant heart attacks all round as we figured out how to save it for all those coming from overseas. Luckily a few phones calls from the camp Commandant and the IBS were out and Homeland was back on, and we were after new underpants and pacemakers!
To answer your FAQs for this event;
- We are able to get on site from the Thursday evening and set up camp in preparation for the Friday start. We ask you to arrive from 5pm onwards and have your player numbers with you so we can tick you off the manifest and make sure your not trying to sneak in unpaid!

- No running water. Its a case of byo drinking water or buy from the store.

- There will be hot food there courtesy of a Turkish fella selling Italian scran (go figure). He will also have booze, and soft drinks and all that stuff so your welcome to byo or use his van.

- We can't have any smokes inside the buildings as they will scorch the floor and we won't be able to use it ever again, or walk probably! So this is a very strict one. Smokes will be fine outside just not inside. Not what we'd like but thems the rules. Regular grenades are allowed inside; flashbangs, powder, pea, tornado etc. up to MK 5 charge.

- Our playing area is slightly different from the ones mailed out in the welcome packs, which means a new one will be made available asap with updated game info in them re: refugee rescue etc.

- We have paramedic cover for the whole event that can stabilise anything serious for medi-vac or to treat on site, injury dependant. If all those with qualified first aid cam email me (pg@c3tactical.co.uk) so we can make a note of who you are.

- We have plenty of camping space both in side and out so bring appropriate gear; cot beds, bed rolls, tents, pillows, duvets etc. It will be cold as the buildings are not air tight and may well be wet. Some of the floors inside were one big puddle! Hopefully it will be dry by then but just in case be prepared for cold, wet conditions, it is Wales after all!

I think that is everything covered. I'm sure I'll get 2000 questions asking the same sort of thing so if you have one search around the groups to see if its been asked and answered somewhere already to prevent my brain from exploding.


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