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Chesapeake Alpha Tactical Unit

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Desmond97 I will be having something for the team like a tryout or something maybe during the winter or spring break. Depends on the responses for the tryout/event and times that is good for everyone. For this event/tryout I only can have the first 16 people who want to do this come for this. This how it works, it's a whole day or two with shooting targets(moving and nonmoving), tactics training, mini games(2 for warm up)and more not in that order. At the end there will be a game and the last side remaining everyone will be a on the team from that side. The rest can try again next time if they want to or sign up for the team and go through the proccess chesapeakealphatacticalunit.webs.com/what-it-takes . It's just a thought, but if you think you will want to do this then for more info email me at turnerdesmond84@yahoo.com, Call/Text (757)-237-1823 or @ chesapeakealphatacticalunit.webs.com/contact-us. P.S. If you are 18 or older you can contact me also because we need someone to lead our milsim team.

5 years ago

Desmond97 This event will be held in the spring time. If anyone is interested in this, I am still taking in people for this event.

5 years ago

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