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The State of Canadian Airsoft

Anonymous For some time I've been trying to get into Airsoft. My geographical location and personal transport pose their own problems however I've come across some rather large barriers that have confused and frustrated me to no end.

First I've found Canadian Retailers are simply horrible. Compared to US, UK, or European stores it's like buying stuff out of the back of someones van. This in itself is frustrating when each store has maybe 30 guns where a US store may have hundreds if not thousands, and the product info is 100% blank on products!

Attempts to research things or contact stores for info typically yields no reply and vague model names leave you unable to confidently research purchases online.

From here we have the community. I've found those I've talked with on other forms to be secretive, guarded, and unwelcoming. I was banned for asking about quality retailers on the ASC site because I refused to do their age verification where they expect me to show some stranger with no legal authority my personal ID.

The claims of the ASC board members is they are protecting themselves from underage people acting irresponsibly however I strongly refute this as making the community and hobby/sport so elusive is more a PR disaster. This makes the community look more like some secret terrorist cell in training. More so there will always be a minority that can and sadly some times do ruin things for the majority but this reality does not justify acting like assholes to new players.

My opinion is a positive and public presence shows responsibility and grows the community as well as grows business opportunities. What do I know though I only went to school for business :) Just this side alone is mind boggling to me as from a business perspective Canadian Retailers seem focused on putting themselves OUT of business. Terrible websites keep them hidden from searches and potential clients. Terrible and non-existent service or product information for those who do find their stores online. It's as if the entire concept of Airsoft in Canada is in itself some sort of hazing or right of passage through frustration.

The point is however reaching out to meet people, find games, or really just collect info and buy gear has been a extremely frustrating as a whole.

I'm hoping to meet people who are not trying to hide Airsoft in Canada as if it's a crime and get out and play rather than be frustrated and bicker about things online. For this I appeal to those who may read this post to find people who are willing to share info, trade stories, give advice, and in general welcome new players such as myself.

4 years ago

Anonymous In respect to the terrible retailers, I've found TakTikairsoft.com to be hand down the best shop around.

4 years ago

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