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Used Military Uniforms - Major Fail - Dishonor to Veterans

Ghost Pirate Most of you might not know that I served in the USAF, USAF Active Reserves and I am a Desert Shield & Desert storm Veteran. I also served in the Civil Air Patrol as a 2nd Lt. I have served my country for numerous years honorably.
A week ago I was at an Airsoft operation/game and some of the host unit's members were wearing used/old woodland BDUs. That's not the issues I have, most Airsoft Operators wear some type of military uniform including myself. The issue I have is when an operator is wearing a uniform with both name tapes, squadron/unit patch, command patch, and worst of all the rank chevrons/stripes of the military member who used to own/wear that uniform while serving in the US Military.
This unit in not a reenacting unit, it is an Airsoft MilSim unit. There is a difference between Airsoft MilSim/CQB and reenacting, I should know, I spent many years reenacting WWII in a 1st Infantry Division, 101st Airborne, 7th Infantry Division and the 9th SS Panzer Division.
In my opinion this is a dishonor and disrespectful to the men and women who currently serve and have served the US Armed Forces honorably for our country.
Solution: when you purchase used military uniforms please remove all the patches , insignia, chevrons/stripes and name tapes from that uniform.
Please honor those who have gone before and are currently serving the military by doing this simple task.
Ghost Pirate

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Ghost Pirate

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