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Your favourite Airsoft Quick Games ?

Keywords: games, deathmatch

rudy Your favourite Airsoft Quick Games ?

Team Deathmatch ? Attack & Defend ? Capture the flag ? Domination ? King of the hill ? Defuse the bomb ? Search & Destroy ? Convoy & Escort ? Rescue the hostage ? Manhunt ? Last player standing ?

6 years ago

Anonymous TDM, CTF, Rescue the hostage and last player standing ;)

5 years ago

S3V3R Last player standing is a personal favourite of mine =)
We played a very interesting quick game last Saturday,
There was a room in the centre of the building with two beacons, 1 for red team, 1 for yellow team. The two teams had to run to this room, turn on their teams beacon (which was on the opposite side of the room) then steal the ammo crates. Onces all ammo crates were at 1 teams respawn, the enemies regeneration was stopped. this could be turned around however.
On the day we played. regen was stopped for both teams several times with a sneaky player stealling the ammo crates and running them back. It ended up with only 2 or 3 players on each team when the buzzer went

5 years ago

rudy I like the concept ! Stressful. Last time we played around a splendid castle with basements and fortifications but really hard to protect from a well organized assault. The castle changed possession several times and as I was the gamemaster i allowed multiple respawns during the mission because it was really too good to be stopped after 10 minutes. A really good moment of Airsoft

5 years ago

Huxy Favorite "qucik game"? My definition of "quick game" is around ten players who showed up with an hour notice. Standing there, all equipped.

We then set up a pole or a bag og a helmet or some other kind of object next to the safezone. One team goes left and the other goes right. 50 or 100m. Then we start! First one to touch the objective has won.

So simple, so great, so hilarious!

5 years ago

elydotsnry Nobody can disagree on the all- time favourite team deathmatch, but look on my profile for a variant called rush. It's just like battlefield, except in air soft. However the app needed for it may not be up yet..

5 years ago

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