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Where are some good playing fields in the southern states?

Sophia0092 Is there any airsoft fields or arenas in the southern states that are awesome?

4 years ago

Anonymous Highlights:
★ Made of EPO material and with the advantage of crash-resistance;
★ The flashlight in the main wings and with the main landing light;
★ Easy to control and stable flight, with the perfect flight performance;
★ With the 11.1V,1300mah lipo battery, the flying time is more than 10 mins;
★ Superb Quality, Simply the Best Beginner Scale RTF Plane you can find!!!
★ With the plastic(transparent) canopy and stay bar on the main wings, and details,more scale.
★ All spare parts and accessories are available
★ Complete Kit, Ready to Fly, Easy to Assemble (Everything is included and 90% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter)

4 years ago

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