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What to bring to your first Airsoft war

Tjuscg15 What to bring to your first Airsoft war. There are many things that you could possibly bring to an Airsoft war but I am going to name the ones that I think are most crucial for a successful and fun day of Airsoft.

First of all you will need a gun. What ever gun you want, it could be spring, CO2, or gas as long is it follows the FPS rules of the field that you will be playing on. You will need a primary gun and secondary gun if you really want the military simulation feel. The secondary is just in case your primary fails. The secondary is usually a pistol, but you never know sometimes people choose two rifles instead of a pistol and rifle.

Another important thing to bring to your Airsoft war would be BBs. I personally recommend .20 g BBs. They seem to be the most accurate for most guns that are used today. But however if you are using a sniper rifle I recommend a much heavier BB. BBs can vary and color I recommend any BB color besides black, with black you can't see where your last shot went.

Some other things I recommend you to bring to your first Airsoft war would be a mask, gas, and extra magazines for your guns. Face protection is crucial if you don't want to get your eye shot out. I also recommend plenty of gas so you don't run out in the middle of a war. Also magazines are very important because you never want to run out of BBs while you're being shot it by the opposing team.

You will need something to carry all of your stuff in. I recommend buying a gun case, a gun barrel cover, and a vest. The gun case is to store your gun in so nobody mistakenness it for a real gun, and so it doesn't get damaged while you're not playing. Finally the vest, this is where you will store all your magazines and BBs.

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