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Overwatch: New Airsoft Technology

seth.waite Hey guys,

Overwatch is a brand new tactical device for making Airsoft even better! With improved tactical advantages like live gps radar, voice chat, commander mode, and other combat video game technology (think Call of Duty) available for real life through your smartphone!

Watch the videos: igg.me/at/overwatch/x/2812260

Overwatch has custom hardware: rail mounts for your gun or personal mounts that have been custom designed to protect your phone. The software app is also custom designed to provide team positioning in real-time as well as tracking enemies. Imagine how Overwatch will help you work together in your next MilSim to take out your opposition!

We could use your help, so we set up an Indiegogo campaign to make the current version ready for release to the airsoft community on Android and iOS devices. Your help also allows us to refine the hardware mounts and get them to the entire airsoft community faster. If you contribute you get some awesome perks like guns, mounts, etc. So check it out.

Help Overwatch: igg.me/at/overwatch/x/2812260

5 years ago

ryan.butts.12 I already have most of my friends on board with the idea. This app would present airsoft in a whole new way. I can't wait for this. My anticipation is building.

5 years ago

Anonymous this brand is very good,i like it,and do you want to see more, www.rctopshop.com/art-tech

5 years ago

seth.waite Overwatch is a great way to take your airsoft games to the next level. What other things would make airsoft better?

5 years ago
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