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Keywords: Trap, mine, claymore

Cartman Did you do some airsoft trap ? (mine, claymore, sound trap...)
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7 years ago

Stryker74u At a CQB event I helped organize I made a booby trap involving a confetti-popper and some fishing string. I put a nail on the right-hand side of the doorway and attached the fishing line at hip height, then I made a small base for the popper above the door. Think of a partial pentagon made of fishing line. I then was an admin and stayed

6 years ago

Stryker74u (Sorry, I accidentially pushed enter) in the room and waited. I then suprised one of the players and he was “Killed”. He then tried to argue with me saying that he didn't know about the traps. I told him that if he had actually listened, he would have heard the head admin saying that the “Whole place was rigged.”

6 years ago

Cobra1 We are incorporating IED type traps on the CQB part of our field to prevent the players to be able to run and dive to the insides of the building to help prevent camping. They want MilSim then their wish is my command lol. I know in real life we didnt have to hear from anyone "hey be careful there may be traps" you act if they are alway present. Makes the players think alittle lol

6 years ago

Cobra1 But while we are on the topic Id love to hear about some other ideas that wont hurt anyone! Either send me a message here or feel free to PM on my FB page.

6 years ago

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