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Airsoft Squared moderators roadmap

rudy Hi, i am one of the Airsoft Squared founders. We are very pleased ot see such a group being created. We'll support this.

We are really happy of the quality of the contents published on the site but I think we still need a lot of interesting topics being posted everyday in the Q&A section. The Q&A is not working as it should be. Technically, we'll support all your iniatives by adding new features and functionalities (and even sections). We are already working on the next version of the site : faster, personalized, geolocalized, with even more types of contents.

But of course, we need to add more stuff in the Q&A section because the forum is the core of a great community. We also need more local articles from players (breaking news directly from Berget, Lion Claws or members reporting new gears in preparation. Well reporters indeed). So please dont hesitate to post ideas of "discussions", "articles" and "reviews" in this thread.

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