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Bay Area Air soft team Recruitment

raymonditzcooladanu Hell's Retrievers. No boundaries. No obstacles. We are a team based in the San Jose area looking for more players. We will take everyone into consideration. The requirements are to have an urban setup, to at least try to work well with a variety of age groups, and to relay information back to me. By urban we mean no tan, marpat, woodland etc. However, when we go to sequoia airsoft camo/ green pants are required. We have a team consisting of a variety of age groups. From 14 to the 20s, teamwork doesn't stop at a certain age in air soft. If you wish to join, email me, send me a friend request on Facebook to Raymond itzcooladanu Fang, give a like on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/bayareaairsoft. We have a website in production www.bayareaairsoft.webs.com. We are loyal to cqbcity, arc airsoft, sequoia, game pod, and the aex filed for pistol training. We don't care if you are a beginner or a veteran, we don't care if you are slow or fast, we don't care if you are versatile or learning. Hell's Retrievers will stand with you.

Team Leader out

4 years ago
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