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S3V3R For several years, AEG's have been the only choice of assault rifle for the average airsofter. There were a handful of platforms out there for GBBR but they were generally very expensive and rare. With the rise of the new generations of GBBR and EBB AEG's what do you think is better? Dont just look at performance, consider price, realism and entertainment of using!

7 years ago

Timberwolf Well up here in Canada price isn't much of a factor; you either pay a lot or you pay a lot. I actually chuckle to myself when I see people complaining on the RedWolf Facebook page that a certain gun is "way overpriced at $350" when we pay $700 minimum for the same AEG. My WE SCAR cost $500 and I'm not complaining, price really isn't a factor for me. The most popular gas rifles are hands down WE tech, simply due to availablity and the fact that they are half the price of the Inokatsu. However for the AEG vs GBB debate, if you're talking about effectiveness the AEG wins no questions asked. The advantage of having a 300 round hicap as opposed to a 30rnd heavy gas mag is an indisputable advantage. If you know your AEG inside out, then you can tweak it to prevent common breakdowns in games. Point is, if your AEG runs an entire game without breaking down, then you will beat a GBB in terms of firepower every time. From first hand experience of running a GBB as a primary, you have to worry about loads of problems like leaky mags, double feeds, breakages due to moving parts, jams, ect... I could go on. I have resealed all 8 of my SCAR mags at least twice, and I still have the odd leak. To answer the "Realism and entertainment of using" aspect S3V3R, that's obviously going to the GBB. You can't even argue that.

The main disadvantage I see for my GBB's (I own 5, so I'm not short on experience) is availability of parts/upgrades (besides the fact that in Canada we can only use our GBBR's 6 months of the year. It's accepted.). Compatibility with real steel accessories could be a pro simply due to quality and durability, or a con if you're on a budget. Parts, for example, are a con at this point and time, but are improving. My open bolt nozzle broke on me a month ago and I've been looking for a replacement one ever since. Props to RA-Tech for making my life easier when it comes to GBBs.

I only own one AEG, a CA MP5, and I love it to death. I've had it for 5 years now, it's still holding together but barely. I find AEG's less satisfying to use, however it takes off a lot of stress knowing that when you put a fresh mag in it WILL fire. I love upgrading and tinkering with AEG's, I find them fun but unrealistic. With a DSG mod I've gotten my MP5 to fire 65 rounds per second, and I do it for fun, not because it's realistic. As a gun tech I like working on AEG's much more than GBB's, and they definitely preform better in the field.

So my preference is to game AEG's when the games get serious, or when you need reliability over everything else, and to have a back up GBB that you use for fun.

7 years ago

LincolnSixEcho Too right mate

7 years ago

JerryMcGoulBerry Thank god prices dropped in Canada. WE scar is 300$ now!

6 years ago

Faravahar I feel for you, Timberwolf. Never knew that about the Canadian airsoft market. I have much less experience with GBBRs, but I own the WE M14 and have handled friends' other blowback rifles on occasion. Agreed, no electric gun (EBB included) that I've seen can match the entertainment and realism of a quality GBBR, at all. However, as far as my M14 is concerned, it shoots too hot for all the fields within a couple hours' drive, and in even slightly cold temperatures I've found that it and all of my gas pistols are basically useless. I've never used an EBB, but since they don't seem to mind colder temperatures as much I'm not opposed to them.

Nothing to add on performance but on prices here in Amur'ka, AEGs still win. For the same cost as my M14 and 3 spare magazines, I acquired a decent AEG M4 and G36, a preposterous number of mid- and hi-cap mags, and nearly all of the upgrades I wanted for them; they're still in use after several years thanks to fairly easy-to-learn maintenance. Plus, they're usually fieldable out of the box and I don't require an engineering degree to modify some of the internals. Not being anything close to a gun-tech but rather just some schmuck who plays, AEG fps change: open gearbox, swap a spring, spend 10-30 minutes depending on experience; vs. WE M14 fps change: buy RA-Tech adjustable nozzle that has no installation instructions (found some online but they stop half way through the process), permanently alter parts, make live sacrifices to Ktulu, spend several hours unless you've done it many times before. Some of those GBB drawbacks might not be present in other models, but working with what I have and can afford I still prefer AEGs. Curious about EBBRs, though. I've only encountered one player who uses them in person and would be curious to hear about them.

7 years ago

impactgames GBB are just for fun. Players using them need to accept they are at a serious disadvantage to AEG's. In addition to the problems Timberwolf mentioned there's also the horrible velocity fluctuations with gas. Your first shot vs your 20th will be totally different so forget about tuning sights, compared to an AEG which will have a constant velocity and trajectory.

EBB AEG's it depends on who makes them. Tokyo Marui's are the best because they have weights and springs to assist in the blowback and give a slight recoil. Compared to many cheap Chinese EBB's that only move the fake bolt but have no kick. Harder to upgrade than regular AEG's, but you need to look at them like the GBB: you know you're at a performance disadvantage. That being said a TM SOPMOD shooting 280fps with a PDI or Tanio Koba barrel can still shoot 150 feet away, or about the same distance as a 400fps KWA M4.

Most fun: GBB (untill you need to fix it, then it's the least fun)
Lots of fun and not bad performance: TM EBB
Serious playing with money on the line: AEG

7 years ago

S3V3R I would have been inclined to agree with you all before Thursday. However, I have a WE SCAR and a WE M14. Now, originally GBBR compared to AEG, AEG would have won flat out. However, the performance of the EBR matches my G36K and I use real cap midcaps anyway. The blowback is an added bonus. However, I have only used it on indoor sites, havent used it on woodland yet.
I have had masses of trouble with my AEGs compared to my GBBRs

7 years ago

JerryMcGoulBerry I started out with AEGs and never quite felt like a serious airsofter. When I got my SCAR II fell in love with iit. i mostly play CQB, So I always used my HK45 anyway. Now I can use a primary! In CQB, AEGs barely outperform GBBRs, but in woodsball and milsim, it doesnt really put you at a dis advantage, it's just time consuming and more difficult, but with the right hands, you can get AEG users right back. Write your comment here

6 years ago

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