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Speak Up And Defend Your Rights: California Senate Bill 199

PyramydAir Speak up and be heard! California Senate Bill 199 seeks to ban the sale/transfer of used and antique BB devices and imitation firearms that are not colored, as specified. Congress preempted state law and stated that federal statute would supersede any state or local laws requiring “markings or identification inconsistent with provisions” of the federal statute. 15 U.S.C. §5001(g). In addition, federal statute specifically prohibits a state from banning the sale of traditional air guns. Protect the sport and voice your opposition to this bill, your state could be the next to draft a similar bill.


Pyramyd Air also has a special to keep you shooting through the weekend: Save $20 on Thompson M1A1 AEGs this weekend only! Special pricing is available now through Monday, 6/30/2014.



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