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Ghillie Suits

Dead-BoltAirsoft Is the Ghillie Suit a tactical advantage or a spook?

7 years ago

area19 for those who use them on our site its probably 50/50

6 years ago

Riotharmus Ghillie suit are a tool, with the right person using them they work wonders... with someone who thinks it's an invisibility cloak and they can just walk through battlefields unseen, then it's just a chicken suit!

6 years ago

Vanhouten Ghillie is one of airsoft sniper weapons. Without ghillie and good camo is sniper dead man :-)

6 years ago

Doombull3t i believe that if you have the right ghillie, (in my case the webtex concealment vest) and lots of natural camo, then you can become litrally invinsible to a certain degree ( 10m)

6 years ago

campo picture's please..

5 years ago

Snake642 NEVER buy a ghillie, it kills me too see a fabric bought ghillie, they SUCK, make it yourself;)

5 years ago

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