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Buying, Selling and Trading Advice

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S3V3R Please remember when buying or selling equipment on this Forum that buyers and sellers protection is very important (in case of scammers). I would strongly advise using Paypal for Buying and Selling equipment as for 3.4% you are covered against conn artists.

When selling, remember to represent the product or item as it is. Do not lie or withhold vital truths about the product. I would also recommend doing a quick google search and seeing how much the item goes for brand new. In my experience, equipment loses 25% of its value every time it reaches an owner. This means that unless the gun is boxed and brand new, your $100 will probably only be sold for $75.
Make sure you list any damages as well as special features that might help sway a buyers opinion. I would recommend using paypal, but please remember if you use BACS or similar bank transfere scheme, make sure you have the appropriate protection and coverage. If selling internationally, make sure the equipment is compliant with that country and remember that many banks and paypal charge for international money payments.

When buying, please be thorough and make sure you know as much as possible about the item. Get as many details on the product as possible and make sure you have a price you feel happy with. Please DO NOT waste the sellers time, there is nothing more frustrating than someone who asks a million silly questions then decides they can't be bothered with it. I would recommend using paypal as it covers both you and seller against mishaps ect.
Please remember when buying internationally that the kit you are buying will have to meet local legal requirments. Dont by kit if its illegal, it will get stopped by customs and will probably get you in trouble and cost you more than just the package. Take into account international money transaction fees.

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