Overwatch: New Airsoft Technology

5 years ago by seth.waite    Comments: 4    Views: 2680

Hey guys,

Overwatch is a brand new tactical device for making Airsoft even better! With improved tactical advantages like live gps radar, voice chat, commander mode, and other combat video game technology (think Call of Duty) available for real life through your smartphone!

Watch the videos: http://igg.me/at/overwatch/x/2812260

Overwatch has custom hardware: rail mounts for your gun or personal mounts that have been custom designed to protect your phone. The software app is also custom designed to provide team positioning in real-time...

eHobby News - 5.11 Online Special & Marui 3 Days Pop Up Sale

2 years ago by eHobbyAsia    Comments: 0    Views: 1015

5.11 Link:http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/combat-gears/5-11-tactical/bag-packs/index.html

Marui Link: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/tokyo-marui.html

eHobby News - Christmas Sale

2 years ago by eHobbyAsia    Comments: 0    Views: 1121

Christmas Sale
All Item - 12% OFF
EA Deal - Up To 70% OFF
5.11 - 20% OFF

Link: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/promotion_index?utm_source=Home&utm_medium=B1&utm_campaign=10off_sale

Urban Strike (ecco 1)

5 years ago by Eburo    Comments: 3    Views: 1764

A US-Russian joint base a conflict that will cause the two nations will face in the city of Akadengorodok.

more :

Op on an Island!!!

5 years ago by GrayArc Airsoft    Comments: 3    Views: 1764

stronghold airsoft is holding an op on childrens island located in marblehead, MA.
date: september 7th pre registration only
check the links out on facebook or website


California Begins Confiscating Legally-Purchased Guns

5 years ago by Ghost Pirate    Comments: 2    Views: 1774

Please goto the link below and read the article!

This is TOTALLY WRONG!! It looks like California has a new law enforcement unit call the 'GESTAPO'...are we going to stand for this Socialist BS?!?!

California Begins Confiscating Legally-Purchased Guns

Airsoft Illegal in California?

4 years ago by AirRattle.com    Comments: 1    Views: 2013

As of September 30, 2014 Governor Jerry Brown of California filled, with Secretary of State, Senate Bill No. 199, Chapter 915, Link found Here: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201320140SB199&search_keywords=

Note that under Section 3, brightly colored airsoft guns are not considered an "Imitation Firearm"

The new Airsoft forum is online

5 years ago by rudy    Comments: 1    Views: 1967

Our Airsoft forum was really bad until now. That's why we improved it. It's just a start but :

1. You can now upload (and display) photos in your threads

2. You can do this from your group or your event too (yes if you create a page for your team, brand, shop or a page for your games, you can publish articles in a personal blog and manage your community thanks to the forum of your page)

3. The forum is now more easy to read (bigger titles, introduction of your topic available in the list of threads at http://www.airsoft-squared.com/dis...

Spring Pistol (air rattle)

3 years ago by GunAddict    Comments: 0    Views: 1531

Bad News don't ever buy a springed pistol from air rattle I had it for a day and my whole barrel broke off horrible gun, then when I asked for a refund the never gave me one back didn't even send a new one!!!!!!!

Video Camera for Helmet and Gun - Bad to the Bone.

5 years ago by davidedwinmeyers    Comments: 1    Views: 1474


Amazing cam - you have to see this video.

Iron airsoft revolver RARE

5 years ago by TheAirsoftMovement    Comments: 1    Views: 2583

Iron airsoft revolver! extremely rare only 100pcs made total that is why it is so expensive! Get your rare gun today!


Airsofting in Canary Islands

6 years ago by Magicrooks    Comments: 1    Views: 2095

Hi all, my name is Pablo and I´m an airsoft player from Gran Canaria. I just wanted to share my airsofting video with you guys. I don´t get any profit for viewing it, I make them just for fun. Hope you enjoy it!!


Free online airsoft magazine 6mm Portugal

5 years ago by STUNTMAN    Comments: 1    Views: 1685

Dear friends, here it's the new free online magazine.

The edition IV of your Airsoft magazine is available.

The 6mm Portugal ® is a free monthly publication dedicated to the practice of Airsoft military simulation sport, using non-lethal replicas of real firearms, which aim to bring Airsoft practitioners together, through dissemination of information about the modality. The english version may be viewed in [url="http://www.6mmportugal.com/en"]www.6mmportugal.com/en[/url]


New retailer- Outpost UK Ltd.

5 years ago by robert.lofthouse.56    Comments: 1    Views: 1145

New Airsoft retailer on the block.
Please browse at your leisure.
Thank you.

Competition Facebook ASG

6 years ago by ActionSportGames    Comments: 1    Views: 1738

TEAM ASG is giving away yet another awesome prize to a lucky winner.

Join+share+win TEAM ASG on their Facebook page

www.facebook.com/actionsportgames to join the competition.

Winner will be announced on feb. 24th 2013


7 years ago by lawingsinc    Comments: 1    Views: 1774

Online Retailer will be more and more difficult to survive in California.


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