We need you to track bugs

3 years ago by rudy    Comments: 7    Views: 1388

We are working hard to release the v2.0. But we have made lots of improvements on the platform. We really need you to track the bugs with us. Can you drop us an email or comment this post if you notice something. Thanks

Humidity versus Wallet: The end to unnecessary fog.

3 years ago by Malark    Comments: 4    Views: 954

I discuss how I have overcome needless fogging, and consequently, gameplay delays and other annoying problems.

Timberwolf extended mag issues

3 years ago by Madcrew    Comments: 2    Views: 792

I recently bought a timberwolf extended mag but the bbs are sticking near the magazine lip i tried filing and sanding it down to make it more wide still didn't work can anyone help me idk know if its the magazine lip or the magazine itself.

¿Cómo remover un miembro de un grupo?

2 years ago by YoLoL    Comments: 3    Views: 746

Generé un grupo pero ¿Como se mantiene la lista de miembros? No encuentro una opción para eliminar miembros.

WE-Tech Glock 23 cycling issue - bucking?

1 year ago by Dok_Bloodwerk    Comments: 0    Views: 601

So i just got the Angel Custom MAX Loading nozzle for my Glock 23 (can go full auto), and at first it didnt fit because
A: the air nozzle was too long even though its for an 18c model
B: The air nozzle's diameter was too thick so the slide wouldnt go all the way forward (air nozzle couldnt fit in the bucking)

So after dremeling everything to size, now the gun will fire A-okay with dry firing, but as soon as i put BB's in the mag, the first shot i take sprays out all my gas from the mag. The slide is all the way forward and everything seem...

Video embed option in Group

3 years ago by YoLoL    Comments: 2    Views: 693

I'm trying to embed a video URL in the "video" option of my group.

I only have one text box to enter the URL, the one that says "Express yourself" if this works the same as the video embed option of my profile I'm missing the text box: "Video Embed Option"

Anyway, when I press "Publish" button I get a "Please embed video" message

Is this a bug or I'm missing something?

I'm using Chrome Versión 30.0.1599.101 m


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